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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

first look at some stainless damascus (damasteel)

Just threw three raw damasteel blanks in some etch to see what I got and I am pretty excited! These are very rough, just surface ground, non-heat treated bars, so they should really be spectacular after a near mirror finish and a moderately deep etch!
     For those of you that are not familiar with damascus steels, these patterns are not just surface etched designs, they are through-out the steel and are formed by layering more than 100 thin layers of steel and compressing them at very high temperatures to essentially form dozens of flawless welds. This welded conglomerate of layers can then be forged and ground into bars like these. The layers are of alternating alloys, in this case RWL34 and PMC27, both Swedish stainless steels of excellent knife blade qualities.  The forger of the steel then twists, curves or punches patterns into the layers, and these boys have gotten pretty creative with them!
     Because the steels are perfectly welded together they are indistinguishable from one another when fresh ground and the steel looks completely ordinary. But, if we expose the steel to highly corrosive chemicals (in this case concentrated HCl) the two alloys will partially corrode at different rates, causing one to darken while the other maintains its luster, revealing the beautiful patterns and bringing the steel to life!
     I'm sure you will be seeing more of these pieces of steel as I'm going to take my time turning these into knives. In future posts I will discuss some of the potential benefits of damascus over standard steels.

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