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The knife has long been an essential tool for the outdoorsman and man kind in general. The outdoors enthusiast would never be caught without it. When you step out the door, it is the first tool in your pack or pocket, it is a sort of companion on all your great adventures. At Hook Knives we believe that companion aught to be a little part of you, a part of who you are. So let us make your dream knife to fit you.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Turkey Carver Finished Product

The Turkey Carver and its accompanying fork have been finished at last! This one was a long time in coming, but well worth it! As my first attempt at a hidden plunge line I am quite pleased. The blade is hand finished to a linear 220 grit satin finish and boy howdy was that a hand cramp! Actually about three days worth of hand cramps.
Anyways, I finished the file pattern cut spine to 1,200 grit, which is a very fine satin. I like file patterns mirror finished, but using polishing rouge next to wood can be tricky, it has the tendency to get permanently impregnated.  I wanted to be extra careful to preserve the natural color of that brilliant maple! The rest of the spine I went ahead and polished to take it that last bit to mirror. To me it is not only the look, but also the feel on the thumb of well rounded and polished corners along the spine that are worth the effort and distinguish the knife just a little more. Even if it is only me that notices. 
Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. More spectacular work by Kasey Shultz Photography
She has a way of capturing some of these knives in ways I just can't quite.

I have been posting about the processes of creating this knife from sketches to finished, if you would like to read about the whole process, click on the link below under labels called "Turkey Carver" to display all the posts pertaining to this knife. 

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