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The knife has long been an essential tool for the outdoorsman and man kind in general. The outdoors enthusiast would never be caught without it. When you step out the door, it is the first tool in your pack or pocket, it is a sort of companion on all your great adventures. At Hook Knives we believe that companion aught to be a little part of you, a part of who you are. So let us make your dream knife to fit you.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Womens Self Defense Karambit

     I've begun work on designing a survival and self defense Karambit.  When I first saw these knives I thought of them as a bit of a gimmick idea, but the more I have played around with them and thought through their potential uses I knew I had to design one.  I have fiddled with and re-designed this one several times looking for the perfect ergonomics for medium through small hands.  This model is      being specifically tailored for women to carry concealed. More on the story behind that later.  I have already begun designs on a big brother with a 3 7/8" blade and slightly beefier handle for medium to larger hands.
     The inspiration for this project stems from personal necessity.  My lovely girlfriend is a student at the University of Montana (perhaps you recall John Krakauer's book Missoula).  As such she spends a fair amount of time on a campus known for its unsavory crowd.  As is expected from a liberal school, firearm carry and large knives are strictly prohibited regardless of CCP status.   She, and all women, need to be enabled to be prepared for assault.  This is a rapist gutter pure and simple. Because of its size and lack of a double edge it is considered (and rightly so) a utility knife like a pocket knife, and is thus permitted for concealed carry in the state and on campus.  With the world we live in today it's time to upgrade from "I'll scratch your eyes out" to "I'll scratch your guts out".   Of course we hope that things Never come to that! Let me be clear, if your adversary wants any possession, your wallet, your purse, your keys, give it to them and get away! Harmful self defense tactics should be an absolute last resort, but you need to be able to defend yourself.  May you never have a need for something like this, but if you do, you'll want it in a real bad way.
     This knife will also be a great utility and survival knife for general use and in the woods.
As for the steel I plan on running these knives in CPM S30V.  This will be a step up in toughness and corrosion resistance for a knife really made to take a beating!  I hope to post a detailed discussion of this alloy soon, but I am very excited to start working with it.

Here is the sheath design that the Karambits will be made with. I originally put this together for just this purpose in a different knife style. It sits snugly anywhere IWB, I personally like to carry appendix, but the sheath works anywhere around the waistband, it is thin with highly rounded edges and as small as possible for both discretion and comfort. Under an untucked t-shirt it is completely invisible and provides fast, easy access. 
    I would love to hear from you all with your thoughts on the topic! 


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